Karoo Trip - November 09


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The Trip

On our way back from Groot Brak where we saw the bird tree and did a bird identification course we went back to Cape Town via the Warmwaterberg Spa hot water springs. The spring lie on the edge of the Great Karoo. It is an amazing place and well worth the visit. They couldn't accomodate us on the actual spa but put us up at short notice (1 hour on a Saturdy evening) in a labourers cottage. I didn't actually take pics of the cottage, but the surrounds were beatiful. This is a house down the road from our overnight cottage.

Having been on a birding course we tried out our skils on an LBJ (Little Brown Job) and completely failed. Your guess is as good as ours.

The only picture I did take in the spa grounds was this juvenile, trying to balance on a thorn and not making a good jobe of it. He/she wobbled back and forth and finally gave up and moved on.

A pair of black eagles made up for it. They appeared out of a kloof, circled slowly, found a thermal and disappeared rapidly.

The rest of the pics are just of the Karoo in all its pristine glory. Enjoy

This is the approach road to Anysberg Nature

Then we played with the mirages on the road.

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